Retrace the steps of American activists and heroes with stops at iconic sites in Selma, Tuskegee, Montgomery, Atlanta, Memphis, and more. This hands-on, immersive student tour teaches lessons that still resonate today. 

Tour stops include:

  • Atlanta, GA
    - Journey through the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park
    - Reflect on Dr. King's legacy at the Center for Nonviolent Social Change

  • Memphis, TN
    - Explore the National Civil Rights Museum
    - Visit the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

  • Birmingham, AL:
    - Explore the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
    - Visit Kelly Ingram Park
    - Tour the 16th Street Baptist Church
  • Selma, AL:
    - Visit the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute
    - Walk the Edmund Pettus Bridge
  • Montgomery, AL:
    -Tour the Rosa Parks Museum

    - Visit the Civil Rights Memorial
    - Tour the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
  • Tuskegee, AL:
    - Discover the Tuskegee Airmen's National Historic Site at Moton Airfield.

Find out how Civil Rights lessons can inspire your classroom.

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