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Madrid & Andalucía

Witness a melding of cultures as Christian, Jewish, and Muslim influences come alive throughout Spain. Explore modern architecture and world-famous works of art in Madrid and learn about Andalucía's diverse history by exploring the Alhambra, Granada's Muslim fortress; la Giralda, the iconic bell tower in Sevilla's cathedral; and the iconic arches in Córdoba's Mosque-Cathedral, near the city's Jewish Quarter. Language & History



Madrid & Barcelona

Introduce your students to distinctive European cultural centers. Experience the melding of the medieval and the modern in Madrid before taking quick jaunts to Segovia and Toledo. In Barcelona, Gothic architecture mixes effortlessly with Gaudí's surreal designs. Your tour also includes a paella cooking class, and a trip to the beach! Arts & Culture



Spain & Morocco

From the coasts to the mountains, Morocco showcases a diverse history of Berber, Muslim, Spanish, and French influences. After touring Spain, explore the blue city of Chefchaouen, discover the ruins of Meknes, and visit iconic cities like Fes, Casablanca, and the capital city of Rabat.



Spain & Portugal

Discover the diverse cultures of the Iberian peninsula. Visit Portugal's capital city of Lisbon and coastal towns like Albufeira and Faro. In Spain, journey through the Moorish cities of Andalucía on your way to the modern cultural capital, Madrid.